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Localization projects are complex. They contain many of the same intricacies as software development projects, but the overall difficulty increases as the product is converted simultaneously into multiple languages -- often with reduced timelines.

Effective project management is key to the successful completion of localization projects. Projects with tight deadlines and multiple resources require precise organization and management - and more importantly, good communication. Your Globalyst project manager is your single point of contact and is responsible for coordinating tasks, organizing team members, planning schedules and tracking budgets. And because communication is so critical, your project manager will provide frequent status reports so you always know where your project stands. 

There is no substitute for an experienced localization team when dealing with complex international release cycles. Globalyst's proven process flow and seasoned management team will transform your software into a localized product that looks and feels as good, and functions as well as your domestic product.


There is no set of tools that will instantly convert a well-crafted domestic product into foreign-language clones. In fact, over-reliance on automation often yields poor results. At Globalyst, we integrate tools that enhance rather than automate the localization process. We carefully select our third-party tools, and augment them with technology solutions that we have developed in house. We choose to amplify, rather than replace, the skill and speed of our staff, because successful localization will always be dependent on intelligence, experience, and that ultimate intangible...cultural intimacy. 

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